Monday August 07th Opening night 5:00pm
6-7:30 pm Joe Rollin Porter – Solo performance and Originals
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar & Vocals,
Traditional Folk Songs, Early Rural Blues Tunes & More
8-11 pm Back Street Blues Band – House Rockin’ Blues, Originals
Brantt KingBee Hamilton - Vocals/Harp, Adriane Bennett – Bass
Jimmy Lee - Vocals/Lead Guitar, Bubba Ruscin - Drums/Vocals
Tuesday August 08th
3-4pm Victor Samalot Acoustic guitarist mixing Latin, Jazz
Rock, World, Improvisations, Live Looping
4-6 pm Skip Werke Band - Classic Rock and Blues
BC Hudson - Guitar & vocals, Ed Wheeler - Drums, Jmy T - Vocals
Tom Chernitsky - Guitar & vocals, Bob Laeng - Guitar and Bass
Ron Papa J Jackson - Keys
6-8 pm Deano and the Trouble Makers - Classic Rock and Blues
Dean Kiss - Lead and vocals, Bob - Bass, Dave - Percusion
Murphy Harp - Sax and Vocals
8-10:30 pm Blue Matter – Blues, Classic Rock
Buddy Collura - Lead vocals & guitar, Fletch Little - Bass
Doc Klimonek - percussion
Weds August 09th
3-5pm Tyrone Blue Sinsation – Blues/rock/southern rock
Tyron Hornbuckle - Lead vocals & guitar, Allen - Bass
Rick - percussion
5-6 pm Bob Frank - Solo Blues, Steel Guitar, Originals
6-8 pm Hare of the Dog, Rock and Blues
Linda Weiss - Vocals, Jay Weiss - percussion
Billy McConnaughey - guitar, Phil Merkun - guitar & vocals
Mike Daley - bass, Mike Yurik - drums, Tom Hoven - harmonica
8-10:30pm Second Hand Dogs, Folk and originals
Daria Jean Eberwein.-.Vocals and Percussion
Phil Eberwein.-. Guitar and Vocals
Troy Zingale.-.Bass, Nate Seidel.-.Percussionist
Thursday August 10th
3-4pm Gary Rice
4-6pm DD & the Knockers – Surf Rock, Blues
Kris DD Diehl – vocals and ryhthmn, KB Spork – Guitar and Vocals
Dave Kasl – Bass and vocals, Scotty V. - Percussion
6-8pm The Project - The Blues and some originals
Steve Henley – Guitar & Vocals, Russ Lakatos - Bass
Todd Ashley – Guitar, Rick Marvin - Drums
8-10:30pm Anthony Lovano’s Supernatural Band- Blues, Funk, Jazz, Rock
and all kinds of cool grooves in between
Anthony Lovano - Drums, Tim Matson – Guitar & Vocals
Art Jenson – BassReggie Redd – Sax
Friday August 11th
3-4pm Erika Starcher and John Kerver
Duo, Blues, Classic Rock and originals
4-6pm The Gundry Project Band - Blues/rock with a whole lotta soul
Mr. Rob Gundry- guitar & vocals, Mellvin Bell - guitar & vocals, Doyle Weber - bass
Michael "Honeycomb" Henighan - vocals, flute & harp, Keith Davis - drums & vocals
6-8pm The Bob Laeng Blues Gang – Classic Rock and Blues
Bob Laeng- Guitar & Vocals, Jimmy Deamiches - Guitar & Vocals
Tim Reeves – Bass, Dan Haller – Drums
8-10:30pm Blue Collar Band – Blues and Classic Rock
Anthony Graceffo – Percussion, Tommy Tucker – Bass Blue Steve Martin – Lead Guitar and Vocals
Saturday August 12th
Noon-2pm Grady Miller, Americana and Blues
Cathy Grady - Vocal and violin
Michael Grady - Vocals and guitar
2-4pm Mojo Honey Mary Rose - vocals & rhythm guitar, Denny Massari - vocals & lead guitar
Budda Ruscin - vocals & percussion, Tom Harvey - Bass
4-6pm Pedro Diaz
Alternative, Classical, Electronica, Jazz, Oldies,
6-8pm Idol Frets, Blues and Classic Rock
Adrian Higgins- Drums and Vocals, Joe Ferrara- Guitar and Vocals
Mike Kelly- Guitar and VocalsTim Reeves- Bass and Sound
8-10:30pm Gypsy - Fleewood Mac, Classic Rock, Blues
Gypsy (Lori Matuza) - Lead Vocals, Lloyd Sarno - Guitar
Chris Bowman - Bass, Kimberly Sullivan - Rhythm Guitar
Gary Eisner - Keys, Donnie Richter - Drums
Sunday August 13th
1:00-3pm DiDi Franklin Band, Will Sing the Blues
3-4:30 pm Sam Hooper Group – Blues, Funk, Rock
Sam Hooper – Guitar & Vocals, David Green – Percussion
Derrick James – Bass, Jefferson Rice – Sax & Keyboard
4:30-6pm Gaetano’s Underworld Blues Band – Blues and Originals
Gaetano Letizia – Guitar/Vocals
Larry Keller – Bass, Mike D'Elia - Drums
6-8pm BluesDeville, BRING YOUR DANCE SHOES
American Roots, Blues,old R@B, Swing,Country
"The Doughboy" Denny Mangan - Vocals,Harp,Accordian
Laura Lee, VocalsBobby Hoffmann – Guitar & Vocals
Jim Flynn - Electric Bass, Jack Flynn - Drums