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Sad news learned this evening that one of our 1st Class of Hall of Fame Inductee's has passed on.  Bill Mr. Stress Miller passed peacefully in his home.  It is hard to begin to quantify the impact of this news.  So many bluesman have come and gone. Each has touched the souls of their fans in their travels.  Cleveland Blues was synonymous with Mr. Stress.  Not only did he play the blues but lived the blues right next to the rest of us. He was a part of our lives and community.  He challenged us to be more than we were. He berated us that we could never compare to the ones that he played with and deprecated himself in his song and banter.  

Bill loved to chat about any subject you could think of. He loved history and could talk for hours about it.  I met Mr. Stress in 2009.  The first time I heard him play, I wondered who this crabby harmonica player with the bad jokes was.  I began to appreciate his attitude and determination the more I came to see him play with the Alan Greene Band.  When he was inducted into the Cleveland Blues Society Hall of Fame, I recall asking everyone at the bar to write a note in a journal for him.  I have become much more involved in all things blues since I met Mr. Stress.  Whenever I did see him out of late, I would talk to him about all we were doing in the Blues Society and invite him to come out.  I would give him a copy of the latest newsletter or the magazine article I wrote.  Always a critic especially the efforts of the Blues Society.  The last time I spoke with Mr. Stress, he told me The Cleveland Blues Society was doing a great job of keeping the blues alive! I thanked him and told him we were working hard.  I am so grateful for the efforts of Bob Frank in documenting for all of us the history of our Cleveland Blues Hall of Fame Inductees, and especially Mr. Stress Miller.  

Each of you have your own story about Mr. Stress.  I invite you to share them with all of us. 

Rest In Peace Mr. Stress.  Hall of Fame Documentary