Educational Programs

education1The Cleveland Blues Society in conjunction with certified educators offer the following educational programs for children.

These programs can be adapted for any age range.



Meeting the Blues

education2This is a duo workshop with blues artists Wallace Coleman and Bob Frank. Wallace grew up in the South in the 1940s and students will get the opportunity to hear what life was like for African-Americans in that place and time. The workshop will consist of songs played by Wallace and Bob with discussion of the music and of Wallace's life. Students are invited to suggest songs and topics for songs. They may even make up songs on the spot.

Blues in the Schools - America's Great Original Art Form

education4From its birth on the African continent, through its growth and popularity as the foundation of American popular music, the blues continues to grow in influence and popularity as it enters its third century. Performed and presented by Bob Frank along with musicians from the Cleveland Blues Society, this program presents the blues and its roots from its genesis through its modern electric form.